About North Park Innovations Group, Inc

North Park Innovations Group, Inc. is the high-tech product lines that were originally part of the company Stride Tool Inc.

In April, 2016, the owners of Stride Tool Inc. sold their legacy hand tool product lines to a private equity group of investors, based in Glenwillow, Ohio and managed by the same core group of employees, and led by Ron Ortiz, CEO (who used to be our CEO of Stride Tool Inc. in the early 2000’s.)   www.stridetool.com

North Park Innovations now includes the iManifold and iConnect product lines, all cloud services, and our industrial training units.

We are headquartered in Ellicottville, a rural ski town in western New York State (45 miles south of Buffalo, New York.)  This location includes all manufacturing & shipping, customer service, financial and administrative services.

The company is still privately owned by husband and wife team Bill and Lori Northrup (Lori had founded Stride Tool Inc. in 1980 in western New York.)